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The Ikeduru Association of Atlanta is a non-profit organization bound by common Igbo language and heritage, dedicated to the promotion and preservation of our culture. We provide a deep sense of community, opportunity and support for members across the diaspora

 Approximately 24 million Igbos call the south central and southeastern regions of Nigeria home. Igboland is organized under various governing bodies including. states, cities, towns, local Bovernment and villages. The Ikeduru Local Government Area (LGA) is one of the 27 local governments in Imo State. Geographically, the Ikeduru LGA shares boundaries with Isiala Mbana to the North, Owerri LGA in the South. Created in 1989 by the separation of the Mbaitoli and Ikeduru local areas and represents approximately 178,481 constituents. Our headquarters are located at Iho-Uboakiri road Mbaitoli.


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Ikeduru Ndioma! Ndioma!!

Hon. Sir Mike Williams (IAA. President)

What we do

We introduce the Ikeduru Association Atlanta Inc. (IAA). The organization is currently led by Sir Michael Th Williams Anagara from Amakohia 1. keduru. The organization is committed to supporting the endeavors of our community. Most 2. recently, we pгovided financial support to 36 outstanding students from 18 secondary schools in Ikeduru LGA. Our scholarship program is open to current senior secondary students who have demonstrated academic excellence and perseverance with high grade point averages.

We Find & Fund

 As an organization, our mission is to engage and support our communities both at home and abroad through social works, events and philanthropy. We have a responsibility to improve the lives and expand opportunities for our communities in Nigeria.

We Educate

Our organization recognizes the importance of a strong educational foundation. As such, we provide resources to schools in our local government to improve the educational experiences of our youth.

We Provide Care

The physical, mental and emotional health of our people is our priority. We recognize the challenges and barriers to quality health services within our communities. The Ikeduru Association of Atlanta secures resources to provide care and improved healthcare facilities to those in need.

We Preach Unity

The preservation of the lgbo culture and values ​​is predicated on unity, love and mutual respect. As an organization, our members benefit from their connection toa shared heritage and cultural ties. The existence of the organization facilitates a connected and well-resourced community in the diaspora.




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